Ashish and Vadivel reaches quarters | IndianOil – TNBSA SRT 2017


Defending champion S Shrikrishna, S A Saleem, Vijay Nichani, R Ashish Jain, J Varun Kumar, G Prabhu, Vadivel and  R Loganathan have reached the quarter finals of the ongoing IndianOil Tamil Nadu state men snooker championship held here.

Results: Vijay Nichani bt R Pranit 4-2(79-24,50-57,56-54,24-78,88-28,84-25); R Ashish Jain bt S Magesh 4-1(63-50,59-2,63-3,10-56,61-40); S Shrikrishna bt R Parthiban 4-1(106-0,38-65,71-26,61-47,61-9); R Loganathan bt Sreeni 4-1(70-25,52-72,62-50,68-40,60-2); J Varun Kumar bt Hari Prabhu 4-3(38-75,93-1,44-68,62-16, 86-15, 32-65,75-12); S A Saleem bt Mustaq 4-2(64-26,10-76,42-43,53-41,65-55,73-64); G Prabhu bt Kaavya Bharath 4-0(70-26,72-34,71-52,35-0).


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