Pankaj and Amee defends their national 6 red title


In the ongoing Phoenix Serene Spaces 7th National 6 red snooker tournament under the auspices of Billiards and Snooker Federation of India co sponsored by Abirami Mega Mahal and India Cements organized by Tamil Nadu Billiards and Snooker Association, Pankaj Advani and Amee Kamani defended their title successfully here in Chennai.

Multiple times world champion Pankaj Advani successfully defend his national 6 red snooker title here in Chennai by defeating Kamal Chawla 7-3 in the final. This makes it a total of 30 national titles under his belt so far. This is also his third 6 red national title, he won it earlier in 2016 and 2010.

In the best of 13 frame final, Kamal opened the match with a stupendous break of 65 to take the lead. Pankaj in the next frame took the opportunities he got to level it all by 1-1. In the third frame, Kamal made a break of 45 to take the lead again by 2-1. Pankaj retaliated by winning the next two consecutive frames to lead by 3-2. Kamal levelled the frames at 3-3 by playing good pots in the frame. In the seventh frame, Pankaj came back into the frame after needing a snooker and cleared the table to take the lead by 4-3. Pankaj accelerated after this as he made a phenomenal break of 70 to lead 5-3, a break of 41 to lead 6-3 and sealed the frame and match by playing sensible snooker with a break of 35.

“It feels great to end the year on a high. It was an important tournament as the ranking enables us to represent India in the Asian championship. I’m glad that I did it and won in style. “ Said Pankaj after winning the title. “Kamal is a great player, and it was never easy to best him here in the finals” he added.

“I was struggling and it wasn’t easy for me today. Both of us got chances and he capitalized on them the most” Said Kamal after the final. “ Safety play is very important against Pankaj, and I could’ve done better.” He added.

In the semi finals, Pankaj defeated Sourav Kothari of PSPB comfortably by 6-2 in the best of 11 frames format. Both the players showcased sensible snooker from the beginning, The players shared the frames at 2-2, where in the fifth frame Pankaj made 4 excellent snookers to get back into the frame and stole the frame from Sourav to lead by 3-2. After that the world champion accelerated quickly as he clinched the next 4 frames on a trot to seal the win by 6-2.

In the other semi final, Kamal edged past against Akshay Kumar of Uttar Pradesh in the deciding frame. Akshay, a new face in the limelight exhibited a great show as he dominated the match half way. He went to have a mammoth 4-1 lead against Kamal in his first ever national semi final appearance. At a stage when Akshay needed one more frame to win the match at 5-3, Kamal went all guns blazing to win the match from there by 6-5. He made a stupendous break of 68 which helped him power through the last two winning frames.

Pankaj Advani, Kamal Chawla, Sourav Kothari and Akshay Kumar have qualified to represent India for Asian 6 red snooker championship to be held next year.

In the women’s category Amee Kamani defended her 6 red title. In the final, defending champion Amee defeated local girl Vidya Pillai 4-1 in the finals. Amee lost only the first frame of the match to Viday, after that she came all guns blazing to win the next four frames on the trot to clinch the match and title. She also made a highest break of 68 in the tournament. Amee had been playing spectacular snooker throughout the tournament.

Results: Final: Pankaj Advani bt Kamal Chawla 7-3 (0-65(65), 66-5, 0-66(45), 40-9, 71-0, 1-50, 42-37, 70(70)-0, 41(41)-1, 49-14.

Semi final: Kamal Chawla bt Akshay Kumar 6-5 (48-00, 09-48, 15-53, 04-34, 37-40, 62(61)-00, 40-17, 19-52, 68(68)-00, 38-13, 33-13); Pankaj Advani bt Sourav Kothari 6-2 (28-40, 49-00, 09-39, 41-17, 57-47, 38-15, 47(44)-08, 48-21).

Final Ranking: 1. Pankaj Advani – PSPB; 2. Kamal Chawla – RSPB; 3. Sourav Kothari – RSPB; 4. Akshay Kumar – Uttar Pradesh; 5. Sandeep Gulati – Delhi; 6. Ishpreet Singh – Maharashtra; 7. Varun Madan – Delhi; 8. R Girish – RSPB.

Results: Women final: Amee Kamani bt Viday Pillai 4-1 (24-29,49-28,58-0,45-32,34-0)

Ranking: 1. Amee Kamani, 2. Viday Pillai, 3. Umadevi R. 4. Sunita Damani.


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