Shrikrishna and Rakesh through to quarter final | 6 Red State Ranking Tournament


In the ongoing Tamil Nadu State Six Red Snooker Championship, S  Shrikrishna and K Rakesh booked their spots in the quarter final by two wins each with one match still remaining. Defending champion J Varunkumar and Pranit Ramachandani too entered the quarter finals with two wins each.  The quarter finals will commence tomorrow.

Results: Group: S Magesh bt Johny Feroz 4-3(38-8,46-12,15-38,40-45,8-35,33-3,37-22); Ashwin bt Kaja 4-2(61-21,38-11,32-42,36-47,43-7,34-17); K Rakesh bt Hariharan 4-0(46-13,39-1,42-0,46-39); S Shrikrishna bt Prem Prakash 4-1(21-69,34-31,65(56)-17,45-0,62(58)-8); Vadivel w/o Johny Feroz; S A Saleem bt S Magesh 4-0(36-7,41-0,52-15,33-16); J Varun Kumar bt Hariharan 4-2(4-59,45-6,19-33,52(41)-1,40-14,55-6); Pranit Ramachandani bt Ashwin 4-3(19-29,0-42,24-14,56-0,15-31,36-8,43-8); S Shrikrishna bt Mustaq 4-1(56-9,33-18,29-38,39-21,49-16); Prem Prakash G Prabhu 4-3(45-12,0-44,43-9,18-29,37-18,12-35,28-24);  S A Saleem bt Vadivel 4-2( 10-59,43-20,8-36,55-0,29-20,52-15); J Varun Kumar bt Vijaynichani 4-2(38-16,40-34,27-48,33-24,32-41,46-21); Pranit Ramachandani bt SIddharth Rao 4-3(53-0,25-22,26-34,46-43,29-57,33-41,42-0); K Rakesh bt Vijaynichani 4-3(27-39,6-41,53-0,48-9,52-28,33-35,42-8).


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